Students' Recital

Mini Recital @Home Studio $20- (include statuette)


Mon, June 14, 2021 5:15pm

Sat, July 10, 2021 11am

Sat, July 17, 2021 11am

Sat, July 24, 2021 11am

Sat, July 31, 2021 11 am & 2pm


Winter Recital @The Salvation Army Torrance Corps ?!


Sun, December 12, 2021 2PM ?!



VME Music Camps in 2021


We are planning a weekly intensive music camp for 3-6 people together.

9am-11:30am, Tuesday-Friday, $200/ week (additional assistant, accompanying, Family members are 50%off) If you need to extend arriving and pick up time, please let me know.
Let me know which week you would like to join.
Week 1, July 6-9, Beginner class under 3 years experience (piano and general music) 
*recommended for the students who needs help for daily practice
Week 2, July 13-16, Intermediate class (piano, general music and recorder or 2nd instrument) 
*recommended for the students who is independent, Theory preparation for CM Level 2~4
Week 3, July 20-23Advance class (winds and piano ensembles) 
*recommended for the students who has skills higher than level 5 or longer that studied for 5 years on one instrument
Week 4, July 27-30Oboe camp (reed making, Ensembles and more)
*recommended for the students who wants to learn about oboe, reeds, instrument and our body relationship
Please apply your comfortable date for your recital. First come, first serve. 
If you are attending this summer camp, Mini Recital will be free. 
Please contact to




CM Pre Evaluation & Theory Test

 Studio Pre Recording

 Technique / Etude by March 1

CM Level Prep-10


Repertoire #1 by Winter Recital for 

CM Level 4-10


Repertoire #2 by Winter Recital

CM Level 4-10


Repertoire #3 by March 15

CM Level 4-10


Repertoire #4 March 15

CM Level 6-10




Theory Schedule

Study planning in October

finish half of Theory Study Book by December!



Summer & Winter Breaks



May 29-31 (2021)

September 4-6 (2021)



December 24-26, 31 (2021)

January 1-3 (2022)