Students' Recital

Summer Recital $40-

@The Salvation Army Torrance Corps

 4223 Emerald St.

Torrance, CA 90503

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Part 1, 1:30pm

Part 2, 3:00pm


Winter Recital 






VME Music Summer Camps in 2022


We are planning a weekly intensive music camp people together.

9:30am-12:30am, Tuesday-Friday, $200 (oboe for $250) / week (additional assistant, accompanying, Family members are 50%off) If you need to extend arriving and pick up time, please let me know.
Let me know which week you would like to join.
Week 1, July 5-8, Solfège Introduction of Universal Language and Physical Communications, Listning, Singing, Reading & Writing Tunes (piano and general music)
*recomended for everyone
Week 2, July 12-15, Intermediate Theory Scales, Harmonies, Rhythm, Analyze & Music Histories  
*recommended for CM Level 3-6
Week 3, July 19-22, Advanced Ensemble Any Instruments
*recommended for the students who has skills higher than level 5 or longer than 5 years on one-two instrument
Week 4, July 26-29, Oboe camp All About Reed making, Instrument Adjustment and Performance Skills
*recommended for the students who loves oboe and wants to know anything with oboe
Please contact to




CM Pre Evaluation & Theory Test

 Studio Pre Recording Check

 after your recording, studio will check regularly 


 Theory Schedule

Study planning in October

finish half of Theory Study Book by December!



Summer & Winter Breaks



May 28,29,30 (2022)

September 3,4,5 (2022)

November 24,25,26 (2022)



December 24,25,26,31 (2022)

January 1,2 (2023)